Durga Puja & Diwali Special Train 2013 From Assam

The List of Durga Puja and Diwali Special trains 2013 has been announced by the Indian Railway. The trains from Assam various places like Dhubri, Dhibrugarh, KAMAKHYA and GUWAHATI to various other destination are as follows:

Train No. 05818 – leave DHUBRI at 05:45 hrs. and reach ALIPUR DUAR JN at 08:45 hrs.

Train No. 05968 – leave DIBRUGARH at 05:00 hrs. and reach RANGIYA JN at 18:25 hrs.

Train No. 05903 – leave DIBRUGARH at 08:40 hrs. and reach CHANDIGARH at 13:10 hrs.

Train No. 05668 – leave DIBRUGARH at 05:00 hrs. and reach KAMAKHYA at 17:35 hrs.

Train No. 05606 – leave DIBRUGARH at 14:25 hrs. and reach MARIANI JN at 17:45 hrs.

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Train No. 05567 – leave KAMAKHYA at 06:50 hrs. and reach DIBRUGARH at 19:55 hrs.

Train No. 02552 – leave KAMAKHYA at 14:00 hrs. and reach YESVANTPUR JN at 18:30 hrs.

Train No. 02508 – leave KAMAKHYA at 14:00 hrs. and reach CHENNAI CENTRAL at 14:55 hrs.

Train No. 07150 – leave GUWAHATI at 06:00 hrs. and reach SECUNDERABAD JN at 09:15 hrs.

Train No.05653 – leave GUWAHATI at 16:45 hrs. and reach VARANASI JN at 19:10 hrs.

More train will be announced soon. Will update accordingly.

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